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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Richard Rodgers Theatre, 226 W. 46th St., New York, NY

Richard Rodgers Theatre (5/10/2006 - 7/8/2007)
Assistant Co. Mgr: Francesca Panagopoulos.

Production Stage Manager: Frank Lombardi; Stage Manager: Kenneth McGee; Assistant Stage Mgr: Allison A. Lee.

Dance Captain: Marlyn Ortiz(circa. Jan 2007 - ?).


J. Bradley Bowers Young Tarzan Alternate  
Veronica deSoyza Ensemble (circa. Jan 2007 - ?) 
Andrea Dora
Broadway debut 
Ensemble (circa. Jan 2007 - ?) 
Robert Evan Kerchak (Mar 28, 2007 - ?) 
Gregory Haney Ensemble  
Michael Hollick Mr. Clayton  
Jonathan Johnson Ensemble  
Kara Madrid Waterfall Ribbon Dancer  
Andy Pellick Moth  
Nicholas Rodriguez
Broadway debut 
Ensemble (circa. Jan 2007 - ?) 
Horace V. Rogers Lead Song of Man Vocals  
Kepani Salgado-Ramos Ensemble  
Dylan Riley Snyder
Broadway debut 
Young Tarzan Alternate
(Sep 15, 2006 - ?) 

Swings: Ven Daniel, Alayna Gallo Broadway debut, Jeslyn Kelly Broadway debut, Allison Thomas Lee, Marlyn Ortiz Broadway debut, Michael James Scott.

Standby: Christopher Carl (Kerchak, Professor Porter).

Understudies: Andrea Dora Broadway debut (Kala), Nicholas Rodriguez Broadway debut (Tarzan), Natalie Silverlieb (Jane Porter).

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