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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

No, No, Nanette
46th Street Theatre, 226 W. 46th St., New York, NY

46th Street Theatre (1/19/1971 - 2/3/1973)
Stage Manager: John H. Lowe III.

Assistant Conductor: Woody Kessler.


Benny Baker Jimmy Smith  
Cindi Bulak Nanette's Friend  
Sally Cooke Flora Latham
from 'Frisco 
Ruth Donnelly Pauline
Cook at the Smiths' 
Larry Ellis Billy Early
a Lawyer 
Barbara Heuman
Broadway debut 
a Protégée of Sue 
Joy Hodges Sue Smith
Jimmy's Wife 
Jilly Jaress Betty Brown
from Boston 
Judith Knaiz Winnie Winslow
from Washington 
Gwendolyn Miller Winnie Winslow
from Washington 
Mike Mitchell Nanette's Friend  
Frank Newell Nanette's Friend  
Sandra O'Neill Flora Latham
from 'Frisco 
Shelly Rann Nanette's Friend  
Martha Raye Pauline
Cook at the Smiths' 
James Robinson Nanette's Friend  
Penny Singleton Sue Smith
Jimmy's Wife 
Dana Swenson Nanette's Friend  
Anthony S. Teague Billy Early
a Lawyer 

Understudy: Mike Mitchell (Tom Trainor).

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