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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Borstal Boy
Lyceum Theatre, 149 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Lyceum Theatre (3/31/1970 - 8/1/1970)
Press Representative: Jay Russell; Stunt Coordinator: Peter Hock; Assistant to the Producer: Margery Tseng.


Amy Burk Sheila  
Helena Carroll Mrs. Gildea  
George Connolly Young Behan  
Roslyn Dickens Warder's Wife  
Peter Hock Borstal Priest  
 Ken Jones
a Borstal Boy 
 Library Warder  
Bob Horen Cook  
 Emigration Official  
Prisoner at Walton 
 Voice of the Judge  
Robert Horen I.R.A. Man  
David Matson Emigration Official  
a Borstal Boy 
 Library Warder  
Prisoner at Walton 
Dean Santoro Mr. Whitbread
First Warder 
Richard Yanko Detective Vereker  
Richard Yesso Cragg
a Borstal Boy 

Standbys: George Connolly (Young Behan), Terry Lomax (Young Behan), Kenneth McMillan (Brendan Behan).

Understudies: Amy Burk (Warder's Wife), Roslyn Dickens (Sheila), Peter Hock (Chewlips, Library Warder), Bob Horen (Callan, Cook, Joe, Library Warder, Minister, Mr. Holmes, Prison Governor, Tubby), John MacKay (Mr. Whitbread), David Matson (Borstal Priest, Cragg, Detective Vereker, James, Jock, Minister, Prison Chaplain), Tom Signorelli (Dale, Tom Meadows), Richard Yesso (Joe).

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