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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway, New York, NY

Palace Theatre (3/30/1970 - 7/27/1972)
Company Manager: Milton Pollack.

Production Stage Manager: Donald Christy; Stage Manager: Lanier Davis; Assistant Stage Mgr: John Herbert; Production Stage Manager: Robert L. Borod.

Dance Captain: Bonnie Walker.


Gene Aguirre Dancer  
 Dancer in Bar  
Anne Baxter Margo Channing  
Wayne Boyd Dancer  
Christopher Chadman Dancer  
 Duane Fox  
Keith Charles Bill Sampson  
Franklin Cover Howard Benedict  
Arlene Dahl Margo Channing  
Patti Davis Singer  
Gwyda DonHowe Karen Richards  
Gene Foote Duane Fox  
Jay Fox Dancer  
John Gabriel Bill Sampson  
Peggy Hagan Karen Richards  
Phebe Hagen Karen Richards  
John Herbert Bob  
Peggy LeRoy Singer  
Merrill Leighton Singer  
Janice Lynde Eve Harrington  
Diane McAfee
Replaced during out of town tryout 
Eve Harrington Was replaced in previews  
Judy McCauley Singer  
John Medeiros Dancer  
Larry Merritt Danny  
 Duane Fox  
Joseph Neal Piano Player  
 TV Director  
Leland Palmer
Her character was called "Leland" while she was in the production 
Carol Petri Bonnie  
Jozella Reed Singer  
Kathleen Robey Autograph Seeker  
Tom Rolla Duane Fox  
Bonnie Walker Dancer  
Lawrence Weber Howard Benedict  
Sammy Williams Dancer in Bar  

Understudies: Patti Davis (Eve Harrington), Peggy Hagan (Karen Richards).

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