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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Winter Garden Theatre, 1634 Broadway (At W. 50th St.), New York, NY
Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway (W. 53rd St.), New York, NY

Winter Garden Theatre (5/24/1966 - 10/4/1969)
Production Stage Manager: Ralph Linn; Stage Manager: Paul Phillips; Assistant Stage Mgr: Art Matthews.

Dance Captain: Diana Baffa.


Sean Allan Mame's Friend  
Edward Becker Gregor  
 Mame's Friend  
Diane Blair Mame's Friend  
Ron Bostick Mame's Friend  
Tally Brown Madame Branislowski  
 Mother Burnside  
Hank Brunjes Ralph Devine  
Henry Brunjes Mame's Friend  
Eileen Casey Mame's Friend  
David Chaney Patrick Dennis, age 19-29  
Audrey Christie Vera Charles  
Clifford Fearl Mr. Upson  
Anne Francine Vera Charles  
Laurie Franks Cousin Fan  
 Gloria Upson  
Helen Gallagher Agnes Gooch  
 Vera Charles  
Joseph Gallison Patrick Dennis, age 19-29  
Luigi Gasparinetti Mame's Friend  
Stuart Getz Patrick Dennis, age 10 (May 8, 1967 - ?) 
Chris Hagan Patrick Dennis, age 10  
Ed Herlihy Dwight Babcock  
Celeste Holm
During Angela Lansbury's vacation 
Mame Dennis (Aug 14, 1967 - ?) 
Roland Ireland Mame's Friend  
Ruth Jaraslow Madame Branislowski  
 Mother Burnside  
Tommy Karaty Junior Babcock  
Robert Kaye Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside  
Gene Kelton Messenger  
Ray MacDonnell M. Lindsay Woolsey  
Alec MacKay Mame's Friend  
David Manning Patrick Dennis, age 10  
John Mark Peter Dennis  
Tom Matsusaka Ito  
Shawn McGill Peter Dennis  
Ross Miles Elevator Boy  
Ann Miller Mame Dennis  
Jane Morgan Mame Dennis  
Stan Page Uncle Jeff  
Janis Paige Mame Dennis (Apr 1, 1968 - ?) 
Eric Painter Mame's Friend  
Randy Phillips Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside  
Roger Allan Raby Junior Babcock  
 Mame's Friend  
 Patrick Dennis, age 19-29  
Joey Raymond Peter Dennis  
Carol Richards Mame's Friend  
Kathleen Robey Mame's Friend  
Mary Roche Mame's Friend  
Casper Roos Bishop  
 Mame's Friend  
 Uncle Jeff  
 Leading Man  
Honey Sanders Madame Branislowski  
 Mother Burnside  
Sab Shimono Ito  
Roy Smith Mame's Friend  
Sheila Smith Sally Cato  
 Vera Charles  
 Mame Dennis (Feb 13, 1967-Feb 26, 1967) 
 Vera Charles (Mar 27, 1967-Apr 9, 1967) 
Danny Snow Peter Dennis  
Eleonore Treiber Mame's Friend  
Susan Walther Gloria Upson  
 Mame's Friend  
Willard Waterman Dwight Babcock  
Marilyn Wilber Mame's Friend  
Jerry Wyatt Mame's Friend  
 Junior Babcock  
Ron Young Mame's Friend  

Standby: Sheila Smith (Mame Dennis).

Understudies: Sean Allan (Patrick Dennis, age 19-29), Edward Becker (Mr. Upson, Uncle Jeff), David Chaney (Patrick Dennis, age 19-29), Laurie Franks (Agnes Gooch, Mrs. Upson), Luigi Gasparinetti (Gregor), John Mark (Patrick Dennis, age 10), Ruth Ramsey (Agnes Gooch, Mrs. Upson), Carol Richards (Gloria Upson, Pegeen Ryan), Mary Roche (Cousin Fan), Casper Roos (Dwight Babcock, M. Lindsay Woolsey), Betty Rosebrock (Gloria Upson), Eleonore Treiber (Ito), Marilyn Wilber (Cousin Fan), Jerry Wyatt (Junior Babcock, Stage Manager).

Broadway Theatre (10/6/1969 - 1/3/1970)
Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization.


Marilyn Cooper Agnes Gooch (Dec 15, 1969 - ?) 

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