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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Broadhurst Theatre, 235 W. 44th St., New York, NY
Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway (W. 53rd St.), New York, NY

Broadhurst Theatre (11/23/1959 - 5/6/1961)

Jeanna Belkin Dancer  
Russ Brown Ben Marino  
Willi Burke Thea
the sweatshop workers' leader 
Pat Cooper Sophie  
Beverly Dixon Singer  
Tony Gardell Mr. Lopez  
Barbara Hammerstein Singer  
Patricia Harty Dora
Marie's friend 
Mara Landi Florence  
Lynda Lynch Nina  
Diane McDaniel Dancer  
Joy Nichols Mitzi Travers  
Michael Quinn Commissioner  
Beatrice Salten Dancer  
Alan Sanderson 4th Player  
Rufus Smith Senator  
Merritt Thompson 1st Heckler  

Standby: Sorrell Booke (Fiorello LaGuardia).

Understudies: Barbara Gilbert (Mitzi Travers), Jack McMinn (Floyd), Alan Sanderson (Neil).

Broadway Theatre (5/9/1961 - 10/28/1961)
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