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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

A Streetcar Named Desire
Ethel Barrymore Theatre, 243 W. 47th St., New York, NY

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (12/3/1947 - 12/17/1949)
Stage Manager: Clinton Wilder, Joanna Albus; Assistant Stage Mgr: Wright King, Barnett Biro.


Henry Barnard Young Collector  
Sandy Campbell Young Collector  
Uta Hagen
Played the part during Jessica Tandy's vacation; she later took the show on tour with Anthony Quinn, then back to Broadway 
Blanche Du Bois  
Hilda Haynes Negro Woman  
Wright King
Broadway debut 
Young Collector  
George Mathews Harold Mitchell
Ralph Meeker Stanley Kowalski  
James O'Neill Strange Man  
Jack Palance
Played the part when Marlon Brando broke his nose and couldn't go on 
Stanley Kowalski  
Carmelita Pope Stella Kowalski  
Anthony Quinn
Played the part during Marlon Brando's vacation; he later took the show on tour with Uta Hagen, then back to Broadway 
Stanley Kowalski  
Mary Welch Stella Kowalski  

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