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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

46th Street Theatre, 226 W. 46th St., New York, NY
Winter Garden Theatre, 1634 Broadway (At W. 50th St.), New York, NY
Majestic Theatre, 247 W. 44th St., New York, NY

46th Street Theatre (9/22/1938 - 11/24/1938)
Winter Garden Theatre (11/26/1938 - 11/23/1941)
Theatre Owned by The Shubert Organization; Theatre Operated by the Trebuhs Realty Co., Inc..


Joey Ayrey Performer  
Ariel Ballard Ensemble  
Bob Barry Performer  
Bobby Barry Second Boy  
Mary Barth Cycling Girl  
Joan Bergere Ensemble  
Ben Beri Performer  
Mary Boland Ensemble  
Billy Boyle Boy  
 Private Gams  
John Callaghan Dictator  
Peter Chan Performer  
William Chandler Third Boy  
Mildred Clark Cycling Girl  
Jim Collins Dictator  
Margie Dale Ensemble  
Ernest Di Gennaro Ensemble  
Dippy Diers Performer  
Marty Faber Dictator  
Ruth Faber Gangster Moll  
Phil Farley Fourth Boy  
Helen Felix Ensemble  
Happy Felton Filthy McNaety  
 Chief Odessa  
Jay C. Flippen Big Nick Gat  
 Paul Revere  
 Vladimir Mamlock  
Sidney Gibson Performer  
 The Town Crier  
Adolph Gudel Ensemble  
 Third Boy  
Theo Hardeen Performer  
Renee Havel Ensemble  
Rita Horgan Ensemble  
Catherine Johnson Lena  
 The Lost Traveller  
Claire Kaktin Ensemble  
Rita Karyl Ensemble  
Phyllis Lake Ensemble  
Eleanor Lamanna Ensemble  
Dick Langdon Ensemble  
Terry Lasky Ensemble  
Evelyn Laurie Ensemble  
Fuzzy Lentz Ensemble  
 First Boy  
Regina Lewis Ensemble  
Lyda Sue Dancer  
Louise Marsh Cycling Girl  
Dorothy Mathews Cycling Girl  
Gene Meredith Sit-Downer  
Anne Middleton Ensemble  
Eddie Murray Ensemble  
Pat O'Cleary Ensemble  
Madelyn O'Hara Lena  
 The Lost Traveller  
Stephen Olsen Guest  
 Patrick Henry  
Barbara Pond Ensemble  
Blanche Poston Cycling Girl  
Frank Sheppard Dancer  
Dolly Spence Mindreader  
Milton Stern Performer  
Mary Sutherland Performer  
Ila Marie Wilson Ensemble  
Charles Withers The Old Op'ry House Manager  

Majestic Theatre (11/25/1941 - 12/17/1941)
Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization.

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