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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Two on the Aisle
Mark Hellinger Theatre, 1655 Broadway & 237 W. 51st St, New York, NY

Mark Hellinger Theatre (7/19/1951 - 3/15/1952)
Assistant Stage Mgr: John Ford.


John Allen The Man  
Jeanette Aquilina Pekinese  
Betty Buday Specialty Dancer  
 The Other Woman  
Gloria Danyl Miss Flaherty  
 Queen Chlorophyl  
Bob Emmett Hotchkiss  
John Ford Cameraman  
Roscoe French Dancing Ensemble  
 Denizen of Venus  
 Trainer for Pekinese  
Phil Gerard 2nd Suitor  
 Dancing Ensemble  
Doris Goodwin Mrs. Higgleston  
Buford Jasper Denizen of Venus  
 Singing Ensemble  
Marion Lauer Singing Ensemble  
Kathryn Lee French Poodle  
 Specialty Dancer  
Loney Lewis Man on Bench  
Leila Martin Specialty Singer  
James McCracken Singing Ensemble  
Beverly McFadden Singing Ensemble  
Slats McKinney Russian Wolfhound  
Dean Michener Conductor  
 Denizen of Venus  
 Singing Ensemble  
Leslie Parry Singing Ensemble  
Pat Poole Dancing Ensemble  
Peggy Reiss Singing Ensemble  
Frank Reynolds Trainer for Dalmations  
Carol Sawyer Singing Ensemble  
Joanne Spiller Singing Ensemble  
Julie Williams Singing Ensemble  

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