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The Pajama Game (05/13/1954 - 11/24/1956)
music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross; lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Song List Sung By
The Pajama Game  Hines
Racing With the Clock  Girls and Boys
A New Town Is a Blue Town  Sid Sorokin
I'm Not At All in Love  Babe Williams and Girls
I'll Never Be Jealous Again  Hines and Mabel
Hey There  Sid Sorokin
Her Is  Prez and Gladys
Sleep-Tite  Babe Williams and Boys and Girls
Once a Year Day  Sid Sorokin, Babe Williams, Company, Gladys, 2nd Helper and Worker
Small Talk  Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams
There Once Was a Man  Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams
Song List Sung By
Steam Heat  Gladys, 2nd Helper and Worker
The World Around Us  Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams
Think of the Time I Save  Hines and Girls
Hernando's Hideaway  Gladys, Sid Sorokin and Company
Jealousy Ballet  Hines, Gladys, Mabel and Boys
7 1/2 Cents  Babe Williams, Prez and Girls and Boys