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The Life (04/26/1997 - 06/07/1998)
music by Cy Coleman; lyrics by Ira Gasman
Song List Sung By
Check It Out!  The Company
Use What You Got  Jojo and The Company
A Lovely Day To Be Out Of Jail  Queen and Sonja
A Piece Of The Action  Fleetwood
The Oldest Profession  Sonja
Don't Take Much  Memphis
Go Home  Queen and Mary
You Can't Get To Heaven  Queen, Sonja and Street Evangelists
My Body  Frenchie, Chichi, Tracy, Carmen, Sonja, Queen and April
Why Don't They Leave Us Alone  Oddjob, Bobby, Silky, Slick, Snickers, April, Carmen, Chichi, Frenchie, Queen, Sonja and Tracy
Easy Money  Mary, Jojo and Fleetwood
He's No Good  Queen
I'm Leaving You  Queen
The Hooker's Ball  Lacy and The Company
Song List Sung By
Step Right Up  Enrique, Slick, Oddjob and Bobby
Mr. Greed  Jojo, Bobby, Enrique, Oddjob and Slick
My Way Or The Highway  Memphis and Queen
People Magazine  Lou and Mary
We Had A Dream  Queen
Use What You Got (Reprise) Mary, Lou and Jojo
Someday' Is For Suckers  Sonja, Frenchie, April, Shatellia, Carmen and Chichi
My Friend  Queen and Sonja
We Gotta Go  Fleetwood and Queen
Check It Out! (Reprise) The Company