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Doing Our Bit (10/18/1917 - 02/09/1918)
music by Sigmund Romberg and Herman Timberg; lyrics by Harold Atteridge
(Unless otherwise noted)
Song List  
Orange Blossoms  
Mr. Rag and I  
(Oh, You) Sweeties  
Doing My Bit  
A Loving Daddy  
Egyptian Rag  
Nothing on Today  
Let Her Go  
Phantom of Your Smile  
Fashion Show  
Dance, Dance, Dance  
Sally (Down Our Alley)  
For the Sake of Humanity  
Song List  
Old-Fashioned Girls  
Fine Feathers  
I May Be Small, But I have Big Ideas  
I'm the Brother of the Lily of the Valley
(music by Anatol Friedland; lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Henry Lewis)
The Wild, Wild Women (Are Making a Wild Man of Me)
(music by Al Piantadosi; lyrics by Henry Lewis and Al Wilson)
When I'm Making Love to You
(music by Fred Fisher; lyrics by Henry Lewis, Alfred Bryan and Joseph McCarthy)
If They Ever Put a Tax on Love
(music by Nat Osborne; lyrics by Sam Ehrlich)
I'd Like to See the Kaiser with a Lily in His Hand
(music by Billy Frisch, Howard Johnson and Henry Leslie; lyrics by Billy Frisch, Howard Johnson and Henry Leslie)
Perfect Jewels  
Hello, Miss Tango