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Chess (09/22/2003 - 09/22/2003)
music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus; lyrics by Tim Rice
Song List Sung By
The Story of Chess  Gregor Vassey
Press Conference  Freddie, Florence and Reporters
Where I Want to Be  Anatoly and Reporters
How Many Women  Florence and Freddie
Merchandisers Song  Walter and Merchandisers
U.S. Versus U.S.S.R.  Molokov and American & Soviet Delegates
Chess Hymn  Arbiter and Company
Quartet (A Model of Decorum & Tranquility)  Molokov, Florence, Arbiter and Anatoly
You Want to Lose Your Only Friend?  Florence and Freddie
Someone Else's Story  Florence
One Night in Bangkok  Freddie and Company
Terrace Duet  Florence and Anatoly
So You Got What You Want  Freddie and Florence
Nobody's Side  Florence
Anthem  Anatoly
Song List Sung By
Arbiter's Song  Arbiter and Company
Hungarian Folk Song  Company
Heaven Help My Heart  Florence
No Contest  Freddie and Walter
You and I  Anatoly, Florence and Svetlana
A Whole New Board Game  Freddie
Let's Work Together  Walter and Molokov
I Know Him So Well  Florence and Svetlana
Pity the Child  Freddie
Lullaby (Apukad Eros Kezen)  Gregor Vassey and Florence
Lullaby (Apukad Eros Kezen)  Anatoly, Freddie and Company
You and I (Reprise) Anatoly and Florence
Anthem (Reprise) Florence