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The Better 'Ole, (10/19/1918 - 10/04/1919)
music by Herman Darewski; lyrics by Percival Knight and James Heard
(Unless otherwise noted)
Song List Sung By
Tommy  Suzette from France and Tommies
(When You Take) That Trip Across the Rhine
(music by Percival Knight)
 Captain of the Women's Workers' Camp and Women War Workers
(My Word! Ain't We) Carrying On
(lyrics by Percival Knight, James Heard, Herman Darewski and Melville Gideon)
 Bert, Alf and Old Bill
We Wish We Was in Blighty
(lyrics by W. R. Titterton)
 Bert, Alf and Old Bill
When You Look in the Heart of a Rose
(music by Florence Methven; lyrics by Marion Gillespie)
(She's) Venus de Milo (to Me)
(music by Oliver DeGerde and Peter Bernard; lyrics by Oliver DeGerde and Peter Bernard)
 Old Bill
Je sais que vous etes gentil
(music by Percival Knight and P.H. Christine; lyrics by Percival Knight and Grant Stewart)
 Berthe and Bert
(Have a Little) Regiment of Our Own
(music by Percival Knight)
 Bert and French Girls
Regiment of Our Own  Bert and Mollie from Ireland