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Never Gonna Dance (12/04/2003 - 02/15/2004)
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Dorothy Fields
(Unless otherwise noted)
Song List Sung By
Dearly Beloved
(lyrics by Johnny Mercer)
 Lucky Garnett and His Charms
Put Me to the Test
(lyrics by Ira Gershwin)
 Lucky Garnett
I Won't Dance
(lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh and Otto Harbach)
 Lucky Garnett and The Company
Pick Yourself Up  Penny Carroll and Lucky Garnett
Pick Yourself Up (Reprise) Mabel Pritt and Alfred J. Morgenthal
(lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and Otto Harbach)
 Ricardo Romero and the Rome-Tones
I'm Old Fashioned
(lyrics by Johnny Mercer)
 Penny Carroll
She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No
(lyrics by Otto Harbach)
 Spud and Velma
The Song Is You
(lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II)
 Mabel Pritt, Alfred J. Morgenthal and Waitresses
The Way You Look Tonight  Lucky Garnett and Penny Carroll
Song List Sung By
Waltz in Swing Time  The Company
Shimmy With Me
(lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse)
 Mabel Pritt and The Company
A Fine Romance  Penny Carroll, Lucky Garnett, Mabel Pritt and Alfred J. Morgenthal
I'll Be Hard to Handle
(lyrics by Bernard Dougall)
 Spud and Velma
I Got Love  Mabel Pritt
The Most Exciting Night
(lyrics by Dorothy Fields and Otto Harbach)
 Ricardo Romero and the Rome-Tones
Remind Me  Penny Carroll and Lucky Garnett
Never Gonna Dance  Lucky Garnett and Penny Carroll
Dearly Beloved / I Won't Dance (Reprise) The Company